Purchasing Your First Rental Property

In 2022 property investment still remains one of the best ways to make strong returns. As the effects of the recent Covid19 pandemic begin to fade, the property market is proving to be one of the most popular sectors for investors.

Home prices are continuing to increase in value and gains from rental income can be substantial. Previously untapped regions and new multifamily zoning leave plenty of opportunity for property investors to capitalize on the favorable market conditions. High demand and low supply is driving up the average cost of rent and some regional markets are set for even higher increases. Those who wish to invest in rental properties now will be able to maximize profits in the coming years.

Market Influences
Strong drivers of the rental market are senior homeowners who are downsizing and young professionals motivated by the need for flexible living.

The domestic property market is currently set to:

  • Experience high demand
  • Yield high returns
  • Provide guaranteed income
  • Improve with retirees and younger renters

With government deals and buying incentives this is great news for nurses, teachers, and veterans. In fact any one who works in the public service sector can benefit from some of the targeted programs, mortgage deals and preferred interest rates offered.

Property, generally speaking, provides excellent investment opportunities that yield strong returns, Low investment amounts and guaranteed income makes buying property to rent an attractive proposition, even for new or unseasoned investors.

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